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7th Judicial District --
Catron, Sierra, Socorro, and Torrance Counties

The Honorable Kevin R. Sweazea


2008 Election Results: Retained

Evaluation: Judge Sweazea received very positive ratings in all areas of his evaluation. Attorneys rated Judge Sweazea very highly for conducting himself in a proper manner, displaying a sense of fairness, and for having a dignified demeanor. In addition, the court staff and resource staff (e.g. law enforcement officers, CASA volunteers, etc.) gave Judge Sweazea very high ratings on all of the survey attributes. The judge indicated that he is committed to improvement and excellence in his overall judicial performance.

Experience & Education: Judge Sweazea was appointed as District Court Judge in February 2001 and elected in November 2002. Prior to his appointment, he worked in private practice with an emphasis in civil law. Judge Sweazea is active in various community and professional organizations. He received his undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University and his law degree from Baylor Law School.