Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Judges

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In 1980, the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court was established in Albuquerque.  Metropolitan Court judges are elected by the voters of Bernalillo County to serve a 4-year term.  There are 19 metropolitan court judges.

In addition to limited jurisdiction provided by law for magistrate courts, metropolitan court has jurisdiction co-extensive with the county over all offenses and complaints under ordinances of the county and any municipality located within Bernalillo County.  The metropolitan court also has jurisdiction over contested violations of parking or operation of vehicle rules for the University of New Mexico.  Civil jurisdictions extend to debts and sums claimed not exceeding $10,000 exclusive of interest and costs.

To be eligible to hold the office of Metropolitan Court Judge, a person must:

  • be a member of the New Mexico Bar
  • have practiced law in New Mexico for a period of 3 years

When evaluating Metropolitan Court judges standing for retention, the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission sends confidential written surveys to:

  • lawyers who have had direct interaction with the judge
  • jurors
  • court staff
  • resource personnel, including, but not limited to city police, state police, sheriff’s department, animal control and fire departments